5-Day Wix Challenge - The Ultimate Wix Design Course - Day 1 Trial

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5-Day Wix Challenge - The Ultimate Wix Design Course - Day 1 Trial

1 rating

Have you ever wanted to create a website but don't know where to start?

In commmmming! The 5-Day Wix Challenge is here for you.

The 5-Day Wix Challenge is the perfect way for beginners and entrepreneurs alike to learn how to create a beautiful, high-functioning website on Wix in just 5 days. Alongside the course content, students will gain access to our 5-Day Wix Challenge Support Group on Slack, so they can continue to be supported even after taking the course. It costs just $149 for lifetime access.

You'll never have any trouble with getting your ideas started online again! We'll teach you everything from design basics like fonts and colors all the way through advanced features like SEO optimization and even eCommerce (getting YOU paid!). And we're always here if you need help - we've got an active community of Wix professionals, designers & previous students who are ready and willing to answer questions or offer advice when needed. Plus, this course comes with lifetime access - no monthly payments required! So what are you waiting for? Day one starts TODAY!

Still wondering what exactly is inside? Here's how it goes:

On Day One...

  • Intro to Wix
  • How to select a theme... that works for you
  • We'll get to know the editor
  • We'll talk about adding me as your first contributor

On Day Two...

We'll go through all the design techniques that my agency, xy.consulting, uses to deliver websites to our clients every. single. day.

  • Strips & Columns
  • Boxes & Containers
  • Backgrounds & Effects
  • Animations
  • And more!

Day 2 Not Included in Trial

On Day Three...

We'll show how your Wix site can start making you money (oh yeah!)

  • Contacts, Forms, & Live Chat
  • Wix Stores (e-commerce)
  • Wix Bookings (selling your time)
  • The App Marketplace (for dropshippers)

Day 3 Not Included in Trial

On Day Four...

We walk through what it takes to administer and manage a Wix site as a growing business

  • Managing your store & bookings from the dashboard
  • The Ascend CRM - staying in the loop with your customers and keeping them engaged
  • Automations
  • Setting up a payment processor to GET YOU PAID
  • Finalizing your site settings to make sure all systems are go!

Day 4 Not Included in Trial

On Day Five

We will carry you all the way to GO-LIVE

  • Mobile site design & optimization
  • Tips & tricks for purchasing a domain name
  • Assigning your domain name to your site in Wix
  • On-page SEO & Listing with Google 
  • Closing thoughts and congratulations!

Day 5 Not Included in Trial

But that's not all...

5-Day Wix Support Group on Slack

You get lifetime membership to our thriving slack community of previous students AND Wix Partners like xy.consulting any many other legend status parters of Wix.

Rest assured, if you still have questions after taking this magnificent course, you'll have access to other entrepreneurs and designers who are ready to get you moving forward.

After purchase, you will receive an invite to the Slack group within 48 hours.

Support Group membership not included in trial

If you still aren't convinced... check out what our previous students have said:

"The 5-Day Wix Challenge helped better me as an online small business owner. I learned a lot that I am/will be implementing into my site that will help my business continue to grow. I definitely recommend taking this course."

-Megan E.

"If you want your own online business website that looks great, functions properly and will be ready to launch in 5 days, grab your seat and take the 5-Day Wix Challenge."

-Arleen C.

"This course was amazing and invaluable. The 5-Day Wix Challenge allowed me to do something I didn’t even think was possible. Never in a million years would I think I could create a website! This is exactly what my business needed and I know that with all I learned it’s going to do amazing things and I owe that to 5-Day Wix Challenge."

-Julia N.

Shall we say more?

If you can answer 'THIS IS ME' to any of the statements below, this course is for you:

  • Making money is a goal of mine
  • I've got ideas, but I just don't know how to bring them to life
  • I've tried building a website before, but it just didn't click
  • I'm a current Wix user, and I'd like to level up my game
  • Agency and freelance quotes are too expensive. I want to try web design thing out!
  • I'm starting a small business and want to design my own website

Can you think of anymore?

Lastly I'd just like to leave you with a 100% guarantee...

If you follow my instruction and live demos for 5 days and find building your own website on Wix just still isn't for you, we'll refund your investment 100%. Between the 5-Day Wix Challenge Support Group on Slack and my Twitter handle @wolfofwebsites, I'm here for you. Respond to your receipt email, DM me, or hop in the group - you're in good hands with The 5-Day Wix Challenge team. 

We can't wait to see what you build :)

I want this!
Watch link provided after purchase

The ultimate path to creating your own place online. Day 1 starts today.


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